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Welcome Fellow Dog Lover

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” Charles M. Schulz, cartoonist, Peanuts

As dog lovers, we are the online dog lover café sharing our passion for our canine friends. We have had the honor to care for purebreds, mixed breeds, mutts, and the precious ones from the rescue. Some were the energetic young puppies to the older wiser mature dogs. All give us their unconditional love. So we expanded on our passion and have provided a one stop shop with t-shirts, leashes and harnesses, jewelry and accessories.

We admire those that have opened up their hearts and homes by fostering or adopting a canine family member. And enabling the animal to live a long happy life creating a lifelong bond that rewards the dog and the family. There are many advantages for rescuing a four legged creature such as the nice warm feeling one gets and in return the unconditional love. Rescue dogs quite often are already house broken and are forever grateful. They warm-up and blossom even more becoming the loyal grateful loving companion they are known for. So kudos to you for rescuing a life!:-) Thank you for fostering, adopting and advocating a better life on their behalf.

So we have a virtual café here to share ideas, thoughts, and products over coffee, tea, protein shake, a refreshing glass of water or any other virtual drink with your furry friend!

Feel free to look around and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions through Facebook, Twitter, or our Contact Us page in the footer below. Thank you for stopping by and visiting our virtual café!